our founder 


Andrea Pagano

founder of healthfully yours


Hi I’m Andrea!

Ever since I could remember, if I loved something I had to let the whole world know. I guess you could say that the marketing gal has always been within me. From the start of my career, I have made a mindful decision to market products that I can truly stand behind such as Popchips, Essential Water and Kite Hill.

I value brand transparency, honesty and trust, which reflects within this company, our marketing practices and the brands we represent. Fitness, mindfulness, and clean eating has and always will be extremely important to me. I often hear that it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. If it wasn’t for the amazing brands that I have discovered throughout my personal journey of wellness, I could have felt the same way.

I decided to combine my marketing background within the natural/organic food and beverage industry with my mission of helping my friends and the millions of consumers out there to launch healthfully yours.

healthfully yours was created with both the consumer and brand in mind. We are here to elevate your brand and create unmatchable memories while simultaneously educating the world of the better-for-you alternatives available to them.

I am just as excited to hear from you as your consumers will be to discover the greatness of your brand.

healthfully yours,